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Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the mechanical structure design of the project, including the electrical control box structure, spare parts and moving parts design; Responsible for material selection, analysis and simulation of mechanical movement, refrigeration, structural analysis, etc.

2. Responsible for the appearance design of the project, master the latest technical trends and design concepts, and ensure that the appearance of the equipment reflects the characteristics of high-end and high-tech.

3. Communicate with suppliers about the processing technology of key parts to ensure that the production process can meet the precision and performance requirements of parts.

4. Find and solve related design problems timely; Constantly optimize the structure design of equipment to ensure that the designed structure is convenient for assembly and later maintenance.

5. Formulated the design standards of the company's products, participated in the technical innovation, research and development, and intellectual property work of the company's related products.

Job Requirements:

1. Major in mechanical, mechanical and electrical integration, bachelor degree or above, master is preferred.

2. Good at precision machinery related work of non-standard products, master mechanical principle, mechanical structure, mechanical design, and understand the design process of non-standard products.

3. Familiar with common mechanical engineering materials and processing technology, with experience in non-standard automatic mechanism design.

4. Familiar with AutoCAD, Solidworks, NX or other software.

5. Familiar with CNC industry non-standard automation equipment structure and field installation and debugging experience is preferred.

6. Rigorous logical thinking, concise communication, strong sense of responsibility.

Electrical engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to project requirements, provide reasonable and feasible automatic control design, formulate electrical control system scheme, design and draw control circuit drawings, and write list of components.

2. Completed the programming and debugging of control software, including PLC program and configuration software, according to project requirements.

3. Responsible for the selection, installation and commissioning of electrical components in the project.

4. Coordination and interface of planning and design technology.

5. Responsible for the review, verification and confirmation of electrical parts in each stage of the project.

Job Requirements:

1. Major in electronics, electrical or automation, at least 3 years related working experience.

2. Capable of designing, installing and debugging equipment power distribution and electrical control system.

3. Proficient in servo motor motion control, motor, cylinder, sensor and other components selection and debugging.

4. Familiar with manipulator programming and application.

5. Familiar with machine vision and hardware selection and application.

PC software engineer

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication, computer, etc., more than 2 years industry working experience is preferred.

2. familiar with VC/C++ language, proficient in C#, NET, familiar with database development, embedded system monitoring, image real-time display, network monitoring, database development is preferred.

3. Familiar with basic image processing algorithm, working principle of CCD modules, complete image processing process, familiar with OpenCV, Matlab.

4. Familiar with serial port /USB/ network communication, familiar with TCP/IP Socket programming, proficient in network programming technology and multi-thread technology process processing technology.

5. Innovative, serious and responsible, with good team spirit.

6. Good mathematical foundation, logical thinking ability, learning, research, analysis and implementation ability, and technical document writing skills.

Civil technician

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for site inspection, survey and mapping, and urge design units to revise and improve drawings as required.

2. Party A shall be responsible for daily management, coordination, progress and quality control of the construction site.

3. Responsible for solving the construction problems of civil engineering on site, coordinating the design department to solve the existing design problems and proposing solutions.

4. Party A shall be responsible for the acceptance of on-site equipment and materials, participate in the acceptance of key processes and concealed works, completion acceptance and other management work of Party A.

5. Do a good job of sorting out the relevant technical materials of this major, assist the superior leaders to do a good job in project management, and implement the work assigned by the department manager.

Job Requirements:
1. college degree or above, more than 3 years of site management experience, with certain hands-on ability.

2. Familiar with relevant national and local laws and policies, familiar with civil engineering construction drawings, construction management and related civil engineering construction specifications and requirements, master the basic construction procedures such as project planning, architectural design, construction and acceptance specifications.

Research assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the collection, distribution, filing and storage of technical documents.

2. Responsible for meeting arrangement, recording and tracking of r&d department.

3. Responsible for compiling and summarizing R&D reports and issuing BOM/ECN.

4. Responsible for the in-out and in-out management of prototypes and materials, as well as the procurement and management of materials and tools for R&D.

5. Manage the management of intellectual property rights.

6. Assist the direct superior in the content management of administrative affairs.

Job Requirements:

College degree, at least 2 years related working experience, engineering major preferred.

Embedded Software Engineer

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or electronics related field.

2. At least 2 years working experience in electronics related industry, proficient in 51, AVR, STC MCU application and C++ programming language.

3, familiar with various electronic components, circuit principle, debugging circuit. Proficient in using AD and other software to draw PCB and schematic diagram.

4. Have a good theoretical foundation of electronic technology, familiar with PROTEL99 design schematic diagram and PCB, and have certain circuit application experience.

5. Strong team spirit, flexible thinking, good communication, hard work, innovation and responsibility.

Senior Hardware Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for hardware circuit design, PCB board drawing and device selection; Responsible for the preparation of relevant design documents and quality system required documents.

2. Responsible for the debugging, testing and molding of product prototypes; Responsible for technical support of related products, production problem solving and tracking.

3. Organize the formulation and implementation of major technology decisions and programs, and study technology development strategies.
4. Planning, review and supervision of the company's product project r&d process.

5. Research and development of product projects and coordination between relevant organizations and departments.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in communication, electronic engineering or other major, at least 3 years of similar product development experience, age 28-40.

2. Familiar with Protel or PADS and other common drawing software; Solid electronic circuit analysis skills.

3. Independently responsible for the overall design, development, debugging and product production of the company's new products.

4. laser instrument related product development experience or familiar with the application of semiconductor laser, photoelectric detection and weak signal processing experience is preferred.

5. Experience in developing RF products and microwave processing.

Optical engineer

Job Requirements:

1. optical imaging, optical lens design is preferred.

2. At least 3 years related working experience, major in optical instrument, optical design, photoelectric technology, opto-mechatronics, optical measurement, laser or related.

3. Proficient in relevant knowledge of optics. Experience and ability in optical design and adjustment. Familiar with various optical materials, understanding of optical parts processing.

4. Skilled in using optical design software such as Zmax, Lighttools, Tracepro, CODEV, etc., with optical simulation ability.

5. Familiar with basic principles of optics, light path design and detection knowledge, such as optical surface modeling, light flux, light intensity, chromatography (geometry optics), and have a certain understanding of optical distribution surface and optical components.

6. Proactive and responsible. Strong learning ability, good team work spirit. Team spirit, good communication skills and ability to work under pressure.

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