Large receiving target and high precision, our company relea

    Our company released the first laser power meter,model LP-CW-50, using the calorimetric absorption measurement principle, the spectral response range is 190nm ~ 25μm, this laser power meter has the following characteristics: large target probe aperture; uniform detector surface with flat spectral response characteristics; suitable for multi-band measurement, wide spectral range; short response time, better stability; simple operation, LCD digital display Easy to use.
    This power meter is independently developed by our R & D team combined with many years of use experience, and can be widely used in scientific research, industry, measurement and other fields. The product has stable performance and reasonable price, and provides long-term after-sales service. If necessary, please contact our business department.

                                  Product parameters
product name Photothermal laser power meter
Product model LP-CW-50
Product application scope Continuous laser power measurement
Spectral response range 190nm~25μm
Measuring range 100mW~50W
Response time 2s
refrigerating method Natural air cooling
Operating temperature Room temperature
Effective aperture of the probe φ50mm
Measurement error <±3%
power supply DC 12V±10%
Power consumption <3W
Product size (table header) Length * width * height:125*29*81mm
Product size(Probe) diameter:125mm;thickness:37mm
product weight about 1.6 KG
warranty period 12 months

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