Gedad the first visible laser lamp (755 nm) was officially r

    In many applications, there is a need for supplementary light of visible light combined with infrared light.In order to fill the gaps in the industry,Our company through dedicated research and development.Now officially launched 500 m zoom laser lamp with 755 nm wavelength.The product model is JDD-500-755-HD.
    The product uses 755 nm semiconductor laser (LD).Use our patented technology (time integral homogenization technology).Integrative zoom is realized, the full focus section is uniform and delicate, and there is no speckle at all.
    The lighting angle of JDD-500-755-HD is continuously adjustable from 68 ~2.The distance of light supplement ranges from 50 meters to 500 meters. The effect is perfect, stable and reliable, and the integration is convenient.It can be widely used in high-speed ball, Yuntai, intelligent transportation, UAV, special equipment, etc.
    The product is stable and the price is fair. If you need, please contact our business department.

Product Name500m laser lamp
Wavelength 755±5nm
Optical power 2.5W
Illumination angle Electric synchronous zoom,68°~1.5°continuous adjustable
Zoom Speed 2.5S(optical, Wide-angle go to Tele-angle)
Illumination effect Using the time integral homogenization technology, the full focal section filling light is uniform and delicate, without speckle completely
Effective distance Tele-angle:Effective distance>500m
Control mode Photosensitive sensor / Command
Brightness setting Auto / Manual
Voltage DC12V±10%
Total power 11W
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Work temperature -40℃~+70℃
Product life >30000hours
Size L x W x H:100.7*55*57mm
Weight about250g
Communication mode TTL 3.3V/ RS485(9600bps)

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