The new lens will be used for all long-range series

    Our company's long-distance (2-4 km) infrared laser lamp series products, will upgrade the lighting lens in the near future. The new lighting lens is our own research technology, with independent intellectual property rights, using more sophisticated high-end imaging lens design, some lenses using aspheric technology, using more than three times the number of traditional lighting lenses.
   The new lens is compact in size, and its illumination angle is 0.3°~40°(0.3°~50° customizable). The illumination effect is transparent, the light distribution is uniform, and the edge of the spot is clear and sharp.
    Long-distance (2-4 km) infrared laser lamp series products, the best complementary light distance covering from 50 meters to 4000 meters, can meet the requirements of various applications. Such as: Ping'an City, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle-borne System, Prison, Border and Coastal Defense, Forest Fire Prevention, Oilfield Oil Depot, Large Factory Area, Security Department, Ecological Protected Area, Energy Mining, Water Conservancy and Electricity, Airport Port, Administrative Law Enforcement, Fisheries Administration and Marine Supervision, etc.
    Main features:
  The product is reliable and stable with high performance-price ratio;
  Lighting range is large, 0.3°~40°(0.3°~50°customizable);
  The quality of the picture is transparent, the light distribution is uniform in the whole focal section, and the edge of the spot is clear and sharp;
  Image lens design, a number of patented technology.
Take 3000 meters product as an example
Product Name 3000M IR laser illumination
Model JDD-3000-HDX
Wavelength 808±5nm 
Laser chip 20W
Illumination angle Electric synchronous zoom,40°~0.3°continuous adjustable
Zoom Speed 3S(optical, Wide-angle go to Tele-angle)
Effective distance Tele-angle0.3°:Effective distance>3000m
Control mode Photosensitive sensor / Command
Brightness setting Auto / Manual
Voltage DC24V±20%
Total power 54W
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Work temperature -40℃~+70℃
Product life >30000hours
Size 467*101*105 mm(Split body)、349*105*103 mm(One)
Weight about2000g
Communication mode TTL 3.3V/ RS485(9600bps)

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