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800M IR laser illumination(980nm)

Product model
Product description
Technical parameter

Wavelength 980±5nm
Optical power 5W
Illumination angle Electric synchronous zoom,68°~1.5°continuous adjustable
Zoom Speed 2.5S(optical, Wide-angle go to Tele-angle)
Illumination effect Using the time integral homogenization technology, the full focal section filling light is uniform and delicate, without speckle completely
Effective distance Tele-angle:Effective distance>800m
Control mode Photosensitive sensor / Command
Brightness setting Auto / Manual
Voltage DC12V±10%
Total power 15W
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Work temperature -40℃~+70℃
Product life >30000hours
Size L x W x H:98*55*57mm
Weight about250g
Communication mode TTL 3.3V/ RS485(9600bps)
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